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Say you’re looking for information on “Richmond VA neighborhoods” on the Internet. In the Digital Age, Internet marketing is practiced by almost everyone, which gives you a wide selection… yet, unfortunately, there’s no guarantee, as you’re subjected to good sites and bad sites. You honestly never know what you’re going to find when you browse the Google search results!

One page might have distracting colors and brash boxes all over the place, preventing you from quickly finding the information you need. If you can’t find relevant info within 30 seconds… you’re out of there!

A second page might be plagued with terrible writing. You find the content immediately, but once you read the first few sentences (“ Virginia has nice neighborhoods. You will love Richmond, in particular. It is family friendly. The boundaries of the BVSCA community are Glebe Road on the west, Kirkwood Road on the east, Route I-66 on the north, and Wilson Boulevard on the south.”)… you’re out of there!

A third page has been stringing you along with links for several pages now and you’ve got pop-up ads galore! You’re out of there!

As a prospective home buyer and client, you need a website that can connect with your quest for easy-to-read, immediate information. Finally, you find a homepage clearly titled “The Neighborhoods of Richmond, Virgina,” which has a small thumbnail image with each successive paragraph. The paragraph is labeled with the name of the neighborhood and contains the first 50 words and a “click here to read more,” so you can easily scan all the neighborhoods on one page, instead of going from link to link to link fruitlessly. At the top, you also see a “blog” section where short articles are posted about all the latest real estate developments and happenings in your community. To the right, on the side bar, there’s a place where you can sign up for RSS Feed Newsletters with all the information you want to read! A successful Enterprise Internet marketing company should include all of these features.

Enterprise Online Marketing SEO Secrets

The Internet sure is full of bozos and amateurs! Yet that doesn’t mean that Enterprise Internet marketing is dead. In fact, close to 80% of all shoppers consult the Internet before finalizing a purchase, whether it be for housing, an iPod, a new car, a vacation package or a Moroccan lamp!

Today, an Enterprise Online Marketing SEO Company is relying more and more on relevant content. “ Why is copywriting the single most important skill you must learn if you want to market your business online? Without learning how to write persuasive copy, professionals and small businesses will waste time and money marketing on the Internet,” says Patsi Krakoff of The Blog Squad.

Another component of Enterprise Internet marketing is adding unique, personalized features to your site. If there’s one thing Internet browsers love, it’s quick, interactive quizzes! Some business owners are building these right into their sites and connecting them with their product lines. For instance, L’Oreal Paris has a new “Can I Help You?” feature, which provides beauty product advice based on an algorithm from a series of user-answered questions. Similarly, Freshlook Contacts has a section where prospective customers can upload their photos and virtually “try on” different colored contacts. These sites can also connect with their target market by providing information on some of the celebrity spokespeople, including bios, news and “how they got their looks.” Consumers are more willing to trust and select a brand based on the free information they provide, as well as their commitment to personalized customer care.

In the past, a simple website may have sufficed for web visibility. But today, with so much competition and fluff blocking direct channels to consumers, a new strategy is needed. In addition to back-end things like search engine optimization, innovative features and article copywriting are hot commodities. Enterprise Marketing offers a whole world of possibilities for out-of-the-box thinkers!